Sam Coleman

In his first season as a driver (2016), Sam became a P1 Superstock Champion. An incredible achievement considering he claimed his Pilot’s licence in 2015. Albeit in record time for a rookie driver to the world of powerboat racing.

Successfully managed Pertemps Powerboat Racing Team to achieve countless podium finishes. Endorsed and coached by 7 times world champion, Neil Holmes to be P1 Powerboat’s next big star. Mentored by multiple times Powerboat P1 Champion, John Wilson.

Finished 2nd in only his 2nd Race in a P1 Panther beating many experienced crews in extreme rough conditions. Sam is no stranger to competitive motorsport, having raced motocross since a young age and regularly competing in national Ironman triathlons.

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Daisy Coleman

Army Veteran Daisy is one of the most experienced power boat co-pilots in the current P1 Superstock Series. P1 Champion in 2016, follows 2nd place in 2015, and 3rd in 2014 and 2014. Daisy also won the 2013 P1 Sports Personality of the Year.

In 2012 Daisy attended a Corporate Sponsorship day with the intent to learn more about the sport despite having no boating experience. Opportunity to complete mandatory race training for Mission Motorsport. With no boating experience Daisy was the only one out of five to pass the course which has a 70% attrition rate. Her debut race 3 days later in the 150 series’ toughest offshore 35nm race (Cowes-Poole- Cowes) and took 3rd; the team’s best result.

Quickly progressed to the 250’s; when scouted by 3 times ex-champion; John Wilson and asked to co-pilot in the bigger class. Her P1 debut came in 2013 and she has continuously progressed to become a P1 SuperStock Champion in 2016.

In 2012-2016 Daisy generated more global media coverage than any other P1 Powerboat co-pilot.

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Robert Wick

Powerboat P1 Chief Operating Officer
“Sam and Daisy Coleman epitomise the P1 Powerboat racer. They are utterly committed, tenacious and race-savvy, making them a formidable combination on the water. Their combined experience is extensive and I am certain they will be front-run- ning contenders in the 2016 season. Off the water, they work closely and effectively with team partners and championship stakeholders to drive value and results at all levels. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a sponsor...”

Shelly-Jory Leigh

TV & Radio Presenter Multiple British Powerboat Champion
“The future of powerboat racing is here in “Team Coleman” a formidable pairing of Daisy Coleman with 3 years experience co driving with the winning team Pertemps Network and her brother Sam Coleman who proved in the last P1 race of the season that his new career in driving a P1 Panther powerboat came naturally to him. 2 very determined young, people who have not only the skill but also the knowledge and respect of their sponsors needs and know the importance of social media. I would definitely put my money on them to be next year’s Powerboat P1 Champions.”
Neil Holmes Testimonial Image

Neil Holmes

7 Times World Powerboat Racing Champion
“I first met Daisy a few years ago when she came in for training with Mission Motorsport, I could tell early on that she had a passion for the sport. She took to her co-driver training very well & after only a few races under her belt became one of the top class crew in P1. Daisy then moved up into the P1 Top class & took to the challenge like a professional, upping her training & tactical skills to another level. Daisy then teamed up with Sam her brother who had just recently qualified as a driver & co-driver this proved to be a very successful partnership winning the P1 championship in their first year! Sam first came in for his co-driver training as a gift certificate from his sister, the plan was to train Sam up as a reserve co-driver for Daisy’s driver John Wilson. Although Sam was the team manger he had not yet raced in P1. Sam passed his co-driver training in record time, his ability to see tactics unfolding in front of him was second nature. He then booked in for his driver training and again passed in record time and got a few guest drives under his belt soon after passing.Sam took to the challenge of driver training & revelled in being pushed hard to perfect his new skills proving to be a natural driver. Sam and Daisy have proved beyond doubt to make a formidable team, their attention to detail & planing would embarrass some long standing teams. They continue to train to improve their skills both on the water & as ambassadors of the sport.”

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