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The Championship Winning Boat Proudly Flying the RA Colours with the RAA team

Flying the Royal Artillery Flag for 2017!

Reining P1 Powerboat World Champs, Sam and Daisy Coleman are confirmed to have continued support from the Royal Artillery Association in their quest for success in the upcoming 2017 season.

Ex-Gunner, Daisy, spent nine years serving with 32nd Regiment Royal Artillery in Larkhill on the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. She still has strong ties in the area having worked within the defence industry in the locality since leaving the military in 2012. Earlier this month Daisy’s brother Sam was made an honorary Royal Artillery Association member in recognition for raising awareness of the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund throughout their successful global campaign in 2016 and early 2017.


Lieutenant Colonel Ian Vere Nicoll, the Regimental Secretary of the Gunners comments “Daisy & her brother Sam had a fantastic year in the P1 powerboat racing. The Royal Artillery Association, which promotes comradeship amongst serving and retired Gunners, and the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund, which helps those Gunner veterans, both young and old, who are in need, are proud to be associated with Daisy and Sam and help support their success for Daisy who served her country it is a case of ‘once a Gunner always a Gunner’!”

Daisy swung by the RAA HQ in Larkhill to meet with the team


The Royal Artillery Association will be tracking their progress throughout 2017 so check out their blog for all the latest on their season at theraa.co.uk/blog. You can also keep up to date on the latest from the team by visiting their website at colemanracing.co.uk and by following them on twitter, Instagram or facebook by searching for @racingcoleman or @p1daisy


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