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It was a weekend of season prep underway with the dynamic duo of Sam & Daisy Coleman heading to Milton Keynes to conduct their annual dunker training and microdive. The immersion test (aka dunker) and mircodive, ran by award winning Osprey Powerboat Rescue Team, is a mandatory requirement to be conducted annually for racing in a restrained/safety cell (closed cockpit) craft. This applies particularly to circuit and offshore racers. The immersion test is valid for 14 months from the date of successful completion. If any competitors is racing in a Super Licence class, they will require a copy of a UIM Immersion Test Certificate; issued by their own National Powerboat Racing Department.

Before the team were to take part in the immersion test, first they had to conduct the microdive training to ensure that they were comfortable using breathing apparatus under water. Although Daisy is a qualified BSAC Sports Diver  it’s been sometime since her last dive so the pair took part in the microdive before moving onto the three stage immersion.

The first stage; the driver is strapped in to a 5 point harness in the canopied cockpit and is required to be submerged with an air regulator in their mouth. upon being submerged, the driver waits for the all clear from safety staff and is then required to escape the cockpit by opening the canopy, removing the steering wheel and undoing their harness. The next stage; the driver is given black out goggles and conducts the drill again but this time in complete darkness. Lastly, the driver conducts the drill in darkness but without an air regulator so is unable to breathe

Both Sam & Daisy passed the test and are looking forward to their next challenge…….stay up to date with the latest news by following @RacingColeman & @P1Daisy on Facebook, Insta & Twitter. Check out the video here of Daisy doing Stage 2!


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